What is a CleanTech ice rink?

Our ecological awareness does not end with eco-responsible manufacturing

Once installed, your ice rink will need water and power on site! 

Making both resources 100% ecological... is in your hands

Use and freeze non-potable water

The commitment of the Public Administration to sustainability has been translated into the promotion of numerous actions: to reduce the consumption of drinking water, it is replaced by other alternative water resources in the irrigation of parks and gardens, street cleaning, ornamental fountains..., and other non-drinking uses, such as sports facilities. We want to promote the capture and use of rainwater as a natural resource to achieve a 100% ecological ice rink.

Contact your local government to get non-drinking water to freeze  your ice rink! They will be happy to help you!

Hire 100% renewable energy

Our aim is to achieve an ice rink powered 100% by renewable energy. Today, green energy is the only solution to safeguard the planet. That's why, whether it's solar, hydraulic, wind, biomass or biogas, all the energy you need to power your ice rink can be exclusively from renewable sources, 100% certified. There are dozens of renewable energy sales companies in your country that can turn your natural ice rink into a sustainable project.

We can advise you on various marketers who will provide you with the green energy supply you need. 

The natural ice rink is now eco-friendly