Ice skates with laces or fast-closing buckles?


What is the ideal solution for renting skates?

Like everything in this life, ice skates have evolved throughout history. Professionals of any sport on ice, whether ice hockey or figure skating, prefer the skates with laces that allow you to tighten the boot to the foot as if it were a glove to the hand.

The laces also allow the boot to be made out of leather or some flexible fabric, which favors comfort when practicing professional sports. The price of this type of skates with laces varies from 100 to 1,000 Euros. Actually, they are skates for personal use and are not suitable for renting on ice rinks.

On the other hand, fast-closing skates are ideal for renting to skaters on any ice rink in the world.

For two very specific reasons:

  • A price issue : You need hundreds of skates to meet the maximum capacity on your ice rink. The price of skates with fast closing is usually much cheaper than skates with laces. The investment would be lower.
  • For ease of use : It is difficult for children to tighten their skates with laces correctly. Not to mention the time lost in doing and undoing a knot. The quick release makes it easy to use the skates and therefore speeds up the speed of the skating shifts.

After 25 years in the world of ice rinks, we recommend buying quick-release skates for any mobile or permanent ice rink, both natural and synthetic ice.